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    Story of friends who are very flirt and enjoying there lives in Karachi. Shaheen a beautiful village girl wants to continue her studies in Karachi but her father refused to send her to Karachi. She ran away with her Aunty. Khurram went to station but they didn't find the guest and there Shaheen a...

  • Cousin Sara

    Story of a teenage boy Bubbly who is ignorant and childish. He meets his cousin Sara after 8 years, they always fights with each other and later on falls in love. They confessed their feelings to each other but due to their age differences as Bubbly was younger by Sara, they knew their family won...

  • Akhri Ghanti

    Story of two patients in the hospital who are room mates also. Their Cold war will be seen with some sweet and sour quarrel.

  • Dunck

    Story revolves round an orphan girl Kulsoom who lost her parents and was taken care by her Aunt & cousin. Ayaaz likes Kulsoom very much but she treats him as her real brother.

  • Babbly

    Story of four year old babbly, who was the lifetime savings of her beggar mom Sughra. This telefilm showcase the reality of beggar's life.

  • 27th street

    27th Street an expensive red light area which was Sonia's Territory. She was the queen of her trade, use to sell herself to earn bread & butter for her step mother & sister, she didn’t feel like she was doing anything wrong. A hopeless romantic girl who falls in love every day. But definitely the...

  • Nayi Subah

    The story is about a fifty year old heroine to be.

  • Girah

    Story based on today's reality....how a husband ditched his wife....she never knew that her loving husband will ever do to her......but she decided to take the revenge.....what she did?

  • Jaane Anjaane

    Zuhaib who was heartbroken after breakup with Sana. He tried his best to win her back in his life. He deleted her number also but when he tried to call her he mistakenly called another girl whose name was also Sana. She caught her boyfriend Rehan with other girl. Zuhaib & Sana were heartbroken an...

  • Khalish

    Story revolves around Sania and Waqas who were living happy married life. She was unaware that Abbas and Rashid (her ex lover) are best friends. They meet after a long time and Waqas was unaware of all the truth about Sania and Rashid's past. Sania misunderstood Rashid in the past and was unawar...