Ridiculous Rides

Ridiculous Rides

23 Episodes

An epic road trip looking at big characters and their ridiculous rides.

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Ridiculous Rides
  • Meet Filthy The 900HP Custom Burnout Truck - Story of Custom-Road Truck

    Episode 1

    BOASTING a twin-turbo engine with more than 900hp – ‘Filthy’ is the world’s first full custom-road registered burnout truck.

  • World’s Loudest Hummer Boasts 86 Speakers

    Episode 2

    86 SPEAKERS, 11 amplifiers, and more than a mile of LED light wiring have been crammed into an H2 Hummer to create a deafening party-mobile.
    Rafael Capone has modified cars all his life, but his ‘Soul Asylum H2’ Hummer, built to promote his recording studio of the same name, has taken things to a...

  • I Built A Life-Size Remote-Controlled Corvette

    Episode 3

    A COMPUTER genius has managed to build a full size remote-controlled Corvette that wouldn’t look out of place in the latest Fast and Furious film.
    Two years ago, 34-year-old Bjorn Harms decided to pursue his childhood dream by creating a fullscale vehicle that can be manoeuvred with just a small ...

  • World’s First Jet-Powered Smart Car

    Episode 4

    WITH a helicopter-sourced engine boasting 2,000 horsepower, Rocketbilly Racing brings you the
    world’s first jet-powered smart car.
    The ‘Jet Car’ is a standard 2008 model - with a fire-breathing turbo jet strapped to the back. Capable of reaching 220mph, the whacky creation boasts a high performan...

  • Deafening Bass-Mobile Boasts 62 Speakers

    Episode 5

    DOMINATING Atlanta’s thriving car-modding scene has come easy for one man and his Jokerthemed, speaker-packed bass-mobile. Jay Jones, AKA ‘Joka’, used 62 speakers to transform his 2004 Tahoe into an earth-shaking monster on 30-inch rims, and he’s causing a stir at car shows around the South East US.

  • Inside Dubai’s $45 Million Supercar Showroom - Story of Cars Salesman

    Episode 6

    A SUPERCAR salesman is catering to the millionaires of Dubai with a showroom of cars worth a staggering $45million. Displaying luxurious models from Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti and Rolls Royce, just to name a few, Deals on Wheels has more than 100 sports and luxury
    cars to offer its el...

  • I Built A 200MPH Supercar

    Episode 7

    A PRIVATE car designer has spent 10 years building a one-off supercar from scratch – and it can now reach 200mph. Adam Taylor completed the unique vehicle inside his Hawaiian garage, the build process spanned several states and he enlisted the help of two shops that had specialised shaping equipm...

  • America's Youngest Pro Female Monster Truck Driver

    Episode 8

    MEET the youngest female monster truck driver in America who started racing when she just 14. Rosalee Ramer is 20 years old and has been driving monster trucks professionally since she was just 14. She is now known as the youngest professional female monster truck driver in the United States.

  • -21ft Trucktopus Is An 8 Wheeled FREAK

    Episode 9

    TRANSFORMING a standard pick-up truck into an eight-wheel, 21ft-long beast has taken a Tennessee man 20 years and some “epic man-hours”.
    Steve Francis, 48, has customised nearly every aspect of his truck, lowering the body by three and a half inches, adding six 20-inch rims, packing in a V8 engin...

  • ‘Wildest Van In The World’ is 34ft Long

    Episode 10

    AN ARTIST is driving a 34 foot long van that he built over 30 years ago.
    In 1974, artist Ivan Benic had a dream to build the 'wildest van in the world’ - which he calls the Cosmic Cruiser.

  • Halo Fan Builds A Real Life Warthog

    Episode 11

    ONE man has spent five years, and thousands of dollars, single-handedly recreating the iconic Warthog truck from the Halo video games. Bryant Havercamp, a phone technician from Michigan, built the incredibly-detailed replica completely by himself, using traditional fabrication methods, a 3D print...

  • Donald Devotees Build Outrageous Trump Mobile

    Episode 12

    TWO of Donald Trump’s biggest super-fans have manufactured a whacky vehicle to honour his time as US President. Decorated in red, white and blue, ‘The Trump Mobile’ is made of two Mercedes Benz wagons and other parts from 43 different cars – and it is covered in pro-Trump signs and memorabilia in...

  • Genius Car Designer Builds 32ft Long _Plane Car_

    Episode 13

    INGENIOUS car customiser Mark Ray has indulged his latest flight of fancy by building a brand new plane car. Mark is known for turning heads in his home town of Roswell, Georgia with his unusual car designs, having previously showcased a boat car and his fusion of a 2003 Cirrus SR22 plane with a ...

  • LED Chevy Is Light Show On Wheels

    Episode 14

    THOUSANDS of specialized LED lights have been used to transform a 2007 Chevrolet Suburban into a light show on wheels.

  • Man Builds ‘Tankenstein’ from WW2 Tank - Story of Frankenstein's monster.

    Episode 15

    TIMID drivers might want to steer clear of ‘Tankenstein’, a hotrod built around a genuine, bullet-riddled World War II tank. Car-crazy customizer Shawn Cormier, from Ontario, Canada, spent five years building the vehicle - whose name is a pun on Frankenstein's monster.

  • Holy Cow! The Batmobile On 44-Inch Wheels

    Episode 16

    BATMAN’S iconic Batmobile has been reimagined, in monster truck-form, by a custom car genius in Colorado.

  • World’s First Fan-Built Optimus Prime

    Episode 17

    A DEDICATED father with no mechanical training has manufactured the world’s first fan-built Optimus Prime truck.

  • Divorcee Builds Joker UTE To Prove Ex Wrong

    Episode 18

    SHOWING how to get over a divorce in style, Samantha Halter has converted her Ute car into a tribute to Batman’s most infamous enemy – the Joker.

  • Custom Camaro With Insane 32-Inch Wheels - Customized a Brand New Chevrolet

    Episode 19

    CAR FANATIC Corey Jones has customized a brand new Chevrolet Camaro with a giant set of 32-inch wheels.

  • Mortis The 6x6 Monster Hearse - Wild Vehicle

    Episode 20

    DEEP in the North American wilderness, a monster is terrorizing the terrain of Idaho’s backcountry - a 6x6 hearse.

  • The Fast And The Furious’ Dodge Charger Hits California

    Episode 21

    A CAR enthusiast has raced two of his movie cars across California to pay tribute to one of his favorite films – The Fast And The Furious.

  • Mechanic Builds 130mph Rat Rod - Story of Master Mechanic

    Episode 22

    A MASTER mechanic has become the unofficial king of rat rods in New Zealand, after building a series of incredible rat rod masterpieces in his home garage.

  • The $5 Million Learjet Limo - Fully Custom Design

    Episode 23

    A SHOWSTOPPING Learjet limo has been unveiled, featuring a fully-custom design that has transformed a former plane into a club on wheels.