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Watch 8 Coups (8 Shots)

Watch 8 Coups (8 Shots)

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  • Hyménée

    Right after their wedding, a young couple has to discover love for the first time. The weight of tradition on their wedding night makes the first step painful, frightening, exciting and violent at the same time. The young wife knows neither the sexual act nor the man she just got married with. Cl...

  • Comme les Dinosaures - Like Dinosaurs

  • L'homme qui en connaissait un rayon (...

    Mister Beranger works at Paradesign, a big furniture store, where employees live day and night in the sceneries. Beranger himself lives in a cartboard cottage living room and excels at promoting his 'footrest dachshund'. His life seems perfectly settled until he got promoted to the mysterious thi...