My Trans Life

My Trans Life

23 Episodes

My Trans Life offers an intimate portrait of young transgender people on their journey to transition.

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My Trans Life
  • The 11-Year-Old Best Friends Transitioning Together

    Episode 1

    THREE pre-teens have become firm friends, united by the difficult journey that lies ahead for them - transitioning from male to female while still only children.

  • Trans Bodybuilder Has Phalloplasty Surgery

    Episode 2

    TRANS bodybuilder Cody Harman was once a bride, but has now achieved one of his biggest surgery goals by undergoing a full phalloplasty procedure.

  • Trans Soldier Hits Back At Trump’s Army Ban

    Episode 3

    A TRANSGENDER solider says he was told, days after President Trump banning transgender people from the military, that he must carry out the rest of his military career as a woman if he wants to keep his job

  • Transgender ‘Power Couple’ Plan A Family

    Episode 4

    A HUSBAND and wife dubbed the UK’s transgender ‘power’couple plan to start a family together. Despite getting married towards the beginning of 2018, Jake and Hannah Graf are only now moving into their first home together. The couple met three years ago, splitting their time between Jake’s west Lo...

  • My Identical Twin Is Transgender

    Episode 5

    IDENTICAL twin Branden Miguel has revealed how he found the strength to come out as gay after watching his sibling, Jada, transition to a woman.

  • Twin Sisters Become Twin Brothers

    Episode 6

    Identical twins Angel and Fabian Griffin do everything together: they are both aspiring rappers, they train together at the gym, are each other’s wingman on a night out and both drive trucks for a living. But most dramatically, in their early twenties, both made the decision to transition from fe...

  • My Girlfriend Is Now My Husband

    Episode 7

    A PREVIOUSLY lesbian couple are now in a straight relationship - as one of
    them has transitioned into a man.

  • Trans Fitness Fanatic Breaks Bodybuilding Barriers

    Episode 8

    A TRANSGENDER bodybuilder is taking bodybuilding competitions by storm and is proving gender has no relevance to being ripped. After placing third in the Male Physic category in the recent National Bodybuilding Championships Fort Lauderdale Cup, Tommy Murrell hopes his promising career as a bodyb...

  • Amazing Kim Kardashian Lookalike Is A Transgender Woman

    Episode 9

    WITH her hourglass figure and iconic sultry gaze curvy Thalia Almodovar is the double of Kim Kardashian. But amazingly transgender Thalia was actually born male and has spent thousands to emulate her famous double. Over the years Thalia has spent more than £70,000 on style and surgery.

  • Transgender Love - Chelsea And Carla Were Both Born Male

    Episode 10

    TRANSGENDER woman Chelsea Jade was shocked when her macho boyfriend Craig Spence told her he wanted to be a WOMAN. Chelsea, who was born a boy called Jonathan, was overjoyed to meet a hunky man who was accepting of her past but little did she know that Craig was hiding a secret of his own.

  • Transgender Modeling Dreams - From Geeky Boy to Glamorous Girl

    Episode 11

    A nerdy teenage boy who was bullied out of school says life has been transformed since becoming a glamorous woman. Brandon Morrison from California was beaten up and tormented by his classmates to the point where he was too depressed and terrified to return to school.

  • My Transition Story - From Special Forces Soldier To Real Woman

    Episode 12

    PRETTY Alana McLaughlin looks like any other young woman but less than five years ago she was a macho-male soldier in the US SPECIAL FORCES. Alana who was born a boy called Ryan was a stacked figure of rippling muscle, spending her days engaged in lethal armed combat. Unknown to her fellow soldie...

  • Trans Twin Supports 9-Year-Old Trans Girl

    Episode 13

    TWO sets of identical twins have become firm friends, united by their shared experience of watching a sibling transition from a brother to a sister.

  • Came Out As Trans Aged 11

    Episode 14

    A TRANSGENDER man reveals what it’s like to begin transitioning as a child.
    Lyslie Barrett from Iowa knew he was transgender at a very young age. The 19-year-old said: “As a child I think I was more of a tom boy than I ever was girly girl.” Lyslie came out as transgender to his mother Sue when he...

  • My Little Girl Wants To Be A Boy

    Episode 15

    At the age of two, Lily Nichols tore the pink Easter bow her mum Vanessa had just neatly arranged, out of her hair telling her mum to ”take off.” From that moment on Vanessa, from Venice, Florida realized her daughter was going to be different to other girls her age.

  • Trans Couple Pause Transition To Become Parents

    Episode 16

    TRANS couple who stopped transitioning to have a baby celebrate their daughter’s first birthday. For couple Liam Johnson, 20, and Racquelle Trammell, 30, their biological daughter’s first birthday is a celebration they thought they might never experience.

  • Drag Saved My Life

    Episode 17

    A TEENAGER has found relief from severe depression and won an army of fans after uploading videos dressed as his gorgeous female alter-ego Clawdeena.

  • Lolita Or Loki Comic Book Artist Identifies As Both Female And Male

    Episode 18

    Dressed from head to toe in frills and pretty bows, Lolita Fahr Sindram looks a picture of femininity. But on days when she isn't wearing cutesy dresses and dolly shoes, Fahr dresses as a male comic book character.

  • Surgery Has Given Me The Body I Always Wanted

    Episode 19

    A YOUTUBER from Melbourne is celebrating her new body after undergoing gender reassignment surgery. AJ, 22, was born male but experienced crippling gender dysphoria from a young age.

  • My Girlfriend Became My Husband

    Episode 20

    A HUSBAND and wife say they would love each other whatever gender one of them transitioned from female to male. Tay and Anayah Kennedy are childhood sweethearts with a difference: when they first started dating, they were both female but now they identify as a man and a woman in a straight relati...

  • We’re Raising Our Child As Gender Fluid

    Episode 21

    A Transgender and non-binary couple are teaching their child that gender and sexuality are fluid.

  • The Girl I Hated Is Now My Boyfriend

    Episode 22

    TWO YOUNG women who once hated each other, have since fallen in love after one transitioned into a man. Lillie Semmens first met Mhari Sellstrom when he was female through a mutual friend. The women, from Portsmouth, were 14 and 16 and admitted to despising each other.

  • ‘I’m The Scary Transgender Person The Media Warned You About’

    Episode 23

    MEET Rebekah Bruesehoff - the 10-year-old transgender girl ‘the media warned you about.’ Mum Jamie Bruesehoff, from New Jersey, and her daughter Rebekah are spreading awareness of transgender people one rally at a time.